Services offered by Glaves®


Resharpening Service

Resharpening of spares like Rotary cutters, Bed knife makes it as good as new. The resharpening of the following is carried out on the CNC machine:

Rotary Cutter Upto Dia. 350mm & Length 1300mm
Bed KnifeIn Ceramic, TC, Brazed, Thru hardened, etc.
Rotary DiesNapkin dies, Diaper dies, Bandage dies, etc.

Size: Upto 1300mm long

Ceramic Knife before Regrinding

services - Resharpening Bed Knife

Ceramic knife after regrinding

Bed Knife resharpening Services

Heat Treatment Services

Heat treatment is done to improve Mechanical properties and qualities of metal.  At Glaves® Heat treatment of steels is done on temperature-controlled electrical furnaces.

Size: Upto 1000mm long

Stelliting Service

We undertake Job work for stellite deposition on various wear items such as Pelletizer rotors, automobile valve seats, propellers, crusher hammers, etc.
Machining and Grinding can be done, thereafter.

Our dedicated CNC plasma surf equipment can deposit various hard facing alloys from powder form to provide even and stress-free deposits on various surfaces.

Size: Upto 1300mm long

TC coating Services over spare parts using HVOF

HVOF or High-Velocity Oxygen- Fuel Coating is a thermal spray coating process. It is a very popular and sought-after coating technique in the industry because of its many advantages over other thermal spray processes.

TC coating is generally used for surfaces that are exposed to extreme wear. It protects the underlying surface from corrosion and increases wear and erosion resistance resulting in extended equipment life.

The coating is also thicker and smoother due to higher impact velocity and small powder size.

We at Glaves® carry out HVOF coating efficiently and economically inhouse. We can provide an HVOF TC coating to a variety of surfaces on all sizes Large or Small.


services -TC Coating over Spare parts





TC Coating on Feed Roll, Strand Roller and Stripper Plate


Feed Roll Refurbishing

Complete Refurbishing of Steel Feed rolls and Rubber rolls including dent repair, precision grinding, surface coating, etc.



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