Rotary Dies

Rotary dies - napkin die

Following Rotary dies are manufactured on high precision CNC/ VMC  machines:

Sanitary Napkin Cutting Die 
Diaper Cutting Die
Adult Incontinence Diaper Cutting Die
Anvil Rollers
Label Cutting Rotary Die
Biscuit making Rolls
Dies for the Converting Industry
high Speed Tool Steel Rotary Dies
Embossing Die


Adult diaper die
Adult Diaper Die
Adult Diaper Die
Roller Diaper Die



  • For Materials used are HSS, Tungsten Carbide, and Die Steel.
  • Rotary Dies can be manufactured with a maximum barrel dia of 400mm and length of 600mm.
  • Complicated designs can be manufactured using proper CAD/CAM techniques.
  • Resharpening of every type of Rotary die carried out satisfactorily with minimum reduction in diameter.


  • Best quality of cutting edge ensured by using the latest dedicated equipment.
  • All dies are dynamically balanced to ensure high-speed operation.
  • Long-life ensured as all heat treatment done in house.
  • Enhanced burr-free Cutting through sharper cutting edge.
  • Larger dies are made economical by segmenting high wear areas.

Anvil Cylinder/Roller

  • Anvil cylinders are manufactured to suit all types of dies.
  • Precision manufactured on the latest CNC grinders for the best surface finish.
  • Long-life ensured through proper heat treatment
  • All manufacturing, repairing done in-house under one roof.
Anvil roller


We also provide Resharpening services of Rotary dies, Rotary Cutters, and Bed Knife.


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