Recycling Cutters & Button Cutters

Recycling Cutters
recycling Cutters


Recycling Cutters

Types: Zigzag type, Single – Double beveled blades

Size: Upto 1200mm long


  • By providing consistent quality in manufacturing and in regrinding. 
  • We help you maintain the quality of your products, shorten your downtime.
  • Buy 1st Grade blades with enhanced life.
  • With advanced heat treatment cycles and genuine imported steel, life of our blades is enhanced upto 1.5 – 2 times compared to commercial grades.
  • We can regrind blades upto 1500mm long. 



Shredder Knives

Shredder Knives - Glaves Innovations pvt ltd

We have a large database of drawings, however, in other cases where drawings are not available reverse engineering can be done to reproduce similar / improved Recycling and Button Cutters or Shredder knives.



We also manufacture Rotary Cutter, Bed Knife, Feed Roll, Die Plate, and Rotary Dies



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