Bed Knife

Bed Knife in Ceramic


Materials: Ceramic, TC, Stellited, and Through-Hardened

Life of a stationary knife depends on its sharpness which in turn is obtained from its surface finish and accuracy of cutting angles. We have high precision machine tools which give perfect finish and accuracy.

We manufacture and resharpen the following Bed Knife types:

Ceramic Knives
Most expensive but widely used as life is very long.Generally lasts 2-3 times compared to tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Carbide Knives
Mostly used in high production pelletizers. They last longer and can be reground for multiple usages. TC Bed Knife are more expensive then stellite or through hardened knives.

Stellited Knives
Cost effective solution with average life.

Through-Hardened Knives
Most economical solution but life is limited. Still being used on older models of pelletizers for cost reasons.


We also Manufacture and Resharpen Rotary Cutters and Rotary Dies.


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