Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters or Rotors for Pelletizer


TC Wedgelock: Rotors with tungsten carbide blades held by wedges and bolts onto the cutter body. These can be replaced easily when damaged.

Stellite Edged: The cutting edges on this rotor are made of Stellite alloy. These have hard and repairable edges. The core is soft Stainless steel.

Through Hardened: These Rotors are made in WS01 material which is through hardened by heat treatment. This is not repairable but initial cost is low.

Models: Our Rotary Cutter are suitable for various make of pelletizers.

Economical, Accurate OEM specified tooth profiles, Precise cutting edges, better MOCs



TC Wedgelock Rotor
Rotor for Pelletizer
Rotary cutter

These Pelletizer Rotary Cutter are used in polymer compounding, Masterbatch production, Virgin polymer Processes and for Polymer recycling applications. 
We are a renowned name in the field of Rotary Cutters in both manufacturing and regrinding services in India and abroad. 

Complete repair of Rotary Cutter for normal grinding/ full profile grinding and teeth repair by material deposition. Shaft repair/ replacement, Dynamic Balancing, Supply and repair of wooden/composite packing boxes is also carried out.



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