Air Knife

Heavy Duty Simple design Air Knife with adjustable height to remove moisture and droplets from semi-molten polymer strands.
The AK series and AS series Air Knife both ensure complete moisture-free polymer strands for pelletizing in Masterbatch and compounding process.

Air Knife Blow AK series

AK Series

Blow Type Air Knives

Model/Inlet width AK-100 AK-200 AK-300
Max Strands 20 40 60
Tray Width 150 250 350
Motor Rating HP 2 2 3
  • Heavy duty dynamically balanced blower.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Height adjustable head.



AS Series

Suction Air Knives

Model/Inlet widthAS-100AS-200AS-300
Max Strands204060
Tray Width100200300
Motor Rating HP 335


  • High efficiency 
  • Dynamically balanced blower
  • Rust free chamber and fins
  • Auto emptying of water


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