Trim Recycling Plant

This machine can make punched chips that can be directly mixed with the input material. Side trims of film plants can be recycled without degradation of plastic material.



Trim recycling plant - GCD-50C Trim Cutter for PP, HDPE, LLDPE, PC,PVC PET Film


GCD-50C Trim Cutter

Input MaterialFilm of PET, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, PC, PVC etc
Output MaterialCompacted and Crimped Chips
Max Feedrate, mpm100 – 200 Metre/ Min.

Trim Recycling Plant Advantages

  • Online cutting and compressing of film side trims to make hard pellets
  • Cold pressing retains properties of parent material
  • Compressed pellets ready to be recycled and can be put directly in extruder
  • Special Conditioner for PET Film recycling
  • OK for mono and multi layer thermo plastic film and shrink films of various types
  • Running cost negligible as compared to other methods of recycling
  • Trial runs can be arranged in house
  • Less space required for machine and low power consumption
  • Rapid recovery of cost. Low maintenance and wear parts

Trim Cutter machine is used for applications like Plastic film Recycling, Edge Trimming, film side Trimming, polymer recycling, for scrap film compaction and making reusable chips.

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